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About Us

Spray & More is a dynamic and growing company that is a unique destination for those looking for solutions around the way of painting!

Our primary goal is to find and collect innovative products of top specifications related to the traditional way of painting but also to the spraying of materials with airless painting machines. More specifically, our products can meet the needs of an ordinary individual, but also the needs of professionals and companies that undertake large-scale painting work. For this reason, our products range from a wide range of consumables such as brushes, rollers, sandpaper etc. up to a wide range of spray guns and airless paint machines certified by international and reputable companies worldwide.

As it is easily understood, our total effort is focused on creating a physical and online store that will offer you a holistic and unique approach, regarding the various ways you can use and apply the paint, depending on the surfaces and the environment you wish to work.

We hope in all this effort, to manage to gain your trust and preference, constantly updating our product collection, offering new solutions compatible with your needs and data and improving our service at all levels, always with consistency and efficiency!