Painting with the use of airless machines is admittedly an easy and convenient way of painting for most professionals and non-professionals. However, there are not a few times when due to wrong manipulations we do not always have the result we are looking for.

For this reason, we took the initiative as a company to create for the benefit of our customers an informative article with tips and better ways to operate Airless machines.

An initial clarification that we must make and is perhaps the most basic advice for using any airless machine is the pressure used during painting. Many professionals during their work believe that by exerting the greatest possible pressure they will have the best possible result. This way of thinking, however, is wrong and in fact what is achieved is the greatest wear of the pump and the nozzle, with the result that the operator of the machine is faced with a higher maintenance cost of the machine - its pistol and of course with greater consumption of paint.

Therefore, the lower the pressure used, the more stable and continuous the imprint of the paint on your desktop and of course you will be able to save more and more money.

If you apply the above tip, it is quite possible that sometimes you will encounter "annoying" lines on the surface you have just painted.

In case something like this happens then we suggest you:

· Increase the pump pressure

· Change the nozzle dimensions you use

· Add solvent to the paint you use

We hope we helped you a lot with this article and we look forward to your impressions and comments. Of course, do not forget that all the staff of Spray & MORE is always at your disposal for any question or clarification.