Have you often searched for information on paint turbines but usually information was incomplete or even non-existent?

That's why we are here to answer all your basic questions about specific paint systems.

Paint Turbines or otherwise Hot Air Turbines are a fairly easy and easy to use way of painting, capable of offering you complete portability in your work, spraying a wide range of materials and a high level of finish.

Paint Turbines are mainly suitable for polishing work such as work on yachts and frames and for painting metal structures for high performance.

For their proper use, it is good to know that paint turbines usually have many different stages of performance. Choosing the right stage depends on choosing the right model that can offer you the right pressure depending on the material you want to spray.

Graco Paint Turbines in particular are characterized by long life, automatic standby and restart systems, a wide range of nozzles and an electronic performance recognition system that adjusts the pressure according to the work performed.

The three main types available at Graco are:

Standard: In this type, the turbine has 4 stages, has a power of 9 bar and a predetermined air supply to the gun.

Procontractor: In this type, the turbine has 3 stages and 7 bar power or 9.5 bar power and 5 performance stages respectively.

Procomp: In this type, the turbine has a power of 9.5 bar, 5 performance stages and a remote bucket of 2L material that doubles the working time and minimizes operator stress.

We hope you found our text useful and that we helped you even a little bit in choosing the turbine that suits your needs.