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DP Airless

Brand: DP Airless
The X9 is a spray tool which has a compact size, professional finish, easy to step on, use and clean.It is perfect for small-to-midsize household project such as interior walls and ceilings…Can spray interior paint, varnish,oil-based paints, primer, chalk paint, wood preservative staining products...
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Brand: DP Airless
DP-X9V is designed for DIYer and homeowners, ideal for light-duty projects.X9V adds a hopper on the basis of x9. The hopper design will help the airless sprayer quickly draw the paint into the pump system...
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Brand: DP Airless
 DP's small portable electric Airless Painter X6 provides maximum spraying performance thanks to its compact and portable design, wheeled with a durable cart for easy transport.• Sprays only the paint (Airless) with high pressure - adjustable to 200 bar - which means less mist in the environment.• I..
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Brand: DP Airless
The X-9H airless paint sprayer with high quality cart is ideal for the DIY user who can spray low to medium paints. The addition of a convenient trolley structure allows you to move the paint and sprayer more easily on the job...
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Brand: DP Airless
• The DP-X20i Airless Electric Paint System is a machine suitable for professionals who want to familiarize themselves with Airless paint systems.• Combines small size with large capacity, built to the same quality as large electric paint sprayers, offering exceptional power and performance.• Comes ..
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Brand: DP Airless
The DP-T7 Drywall Texture Sprayer machine With extended long Screw Pump which is more powerful and deliver long or higher distance, compact texture spraying unit equipped with Stainless steel hopper, for all textured plasters, cement plaster, putty, gypsum etc with a grain size up to 3 mm,fillers an..
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Brand: DP Airless
DP-X28H is midsize electric airless sprayer make it easy to get more work done in a day with increased flow and production rates. Feautures:Maintenance-Free Brushless motor: Due to the improved performance, the motor works even more efficiently at low and also at high speeds.the continuous paint pre..
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Brand: DP Airless
• The Airless DP X51L painting machine is equipped with a powerful 3000W brushless motor with a long piston. It is designed for daily use for almost all applications such as construction, industry, shipping.• Suitable for insulating PU materials, mesh or ready-made putty, acrylics, epoxy, fire-resis..
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Brand: DP Airless
• The T85 is a new painting equipment with 5000W motor power. It is suitable for insulating PU materials, polyurethane materials, curtain or putty, acrylics, epoxy, fire-resistant, marine products such as anti-fouling (ants), etc. and can be equipped with up to 2 spray guns.• T85 airless texture spr..
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Brand: DP Airless
The DP-9600E Airless paint sprayer is  Heavy duty Hydraulic driven Piston Pump sprayer. which is powered by Electrical motor with belt-driven. Ideal for high viscosity materials, multi-gun use and working at heights. Sprays bituminous and fire retardant / fireproofing material, bitumen, epoxy, putty..
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Brand: DP Airless
• The SLS-100 striping attachment works great for a wide variety of applications for smaller volume jobs.• Compatible with all Airless paint machines!• Easy to connect to the pump, smooth trigger pull, light to advance.• With SLS-100's slim frame, it can operate efficiently between tight spaces...
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Brand: DP Airless
X-450 airless spray gun is upgraded model with high quality, very light weight (only 460g), and very soft grip spray gun, for spraying both water-based and oil-based coatings. High quality solvent-resistance sealing ensures that it can spray almost all kinds of common coatings...
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